what-is-ABA-Natasha-smiling What is ABA? “ABA is an effective intervention for many individuals with autism spectrum disorders.”

Association for Science in Autism Treatment

Why-take-a-chance-Chavonne-with-Vibhu Why Take a Chance? “Thirty years of research has demonstrated the efficacy of applied behavioral methods…”

United States Surgeon General, 1999

ABA Has Scientific Evidence
how-does-it-compare How Does ABA Therapy Compare to Others? “Early Intensive Behavior Intervention (EIBI) can be recommended as an intervention option” (A, 1++).”

AMS-MOH. Clinical Practice Guidelines. 1/2010

will-it-help-Kay-similing-with-Rylan Will My Child benefit? “While the outcomes of early intervention vary, all children benefit”.

Autism Speaks – How is Autism Treated

dont-wait Don’t Wait, He Needs You “If you have a 3-year-old who isn’t talking, the worst possible thing you can do is do nothing. Too many parents go into denial. You have to work with your kid, get him the help he needs…”

Temple Grandin

contact-us-Yen-Chiew-with-Arissa Highly Qualified Staff “When investigating providers or centers, we strongly encourage you to see if they have a Board Certified Behavior Analyst on staff. If the provider or center serves a lot of clients, they should have more than one BCBA on staff. BACB Guidelines note that oversight of 6-12 clients is the average, with a higher range possible based on circumstances.”

Indian Resource Center for Autism

Parent-Program-Nicole-with Parent Intervention Program “To effectively treat children with ASD, parents need to be included in intervention efforts. Research suggests that parental involvement in treatment improves the generalizability of skills and increases the amount of intervention the child receives.”

Burrell, T. (2012). Parents’ Involvement in ASD Treatment: What Is Their Role?. Cognitive and Behavioral Practice, 19 (3)

Assessment Psychological Assessment We offer a range of tests for children. This includes IQ tests, academic profile, language and communication as well as specific tests for learning disorders such as Specific Learning Disorders. Dyslexia Psychological Assessment We provide both dyslexia assessment and educational therapy.


What is Lazarus Centre?

We are an early intervention centre that focuses on ABA therapy for children with Autism.
We also provide education therapy for kids with Dyslexia.  

Key Services


ABA Therapy

This is our core service. The program is designed for young children over 18 months old. With a strong emphasis on learning through play, we keep our sessions fun, positive and highly energetic. Our clients learn a wide variety of essential skills as they play and engage in all sorts of different activities. After all, play is the work of children!


Education Therapy

Does your child have problems with reading ? Sign up for our Literacy Program. We focus on phonics, vocabulary, reading, fluency and spelling. A comprehensive test is also available.


Parent Training

Aim: To teach parents to manage challenging behaviors and increase compliance.

20 initial sessions followed by weekly consultations
$120 per hour


Parent Intervention
Naturalistic Environmental Training

Aim: To teach parents to facilitate learning in a natural environment.

20 initial sessions followed by weekly consultations
$120 per hour

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