Our Services

Lazarus provides the following services:
(a) ABA Therapy. This is mainly  for children at risk or with Autism. However the therapy can also help children with general developmental delay and those needing help with cognitive development, language/communication, social interaction and broad behavioral difficulties.  Please see pages on Autism for more information. 
(b) Education Therapy. This is mainly for children with Specific Learning Difference, especially dyslexia. Please see pages on dyslexia for more information. 
(c) Psychological Testing. This includes tests for dyslexia (submissions to Ministry of Education) and special needs school placement. We also offer tests that can assess IQ levels, academic readiness, language problems, phonological issues, behavioural problems (e.g. ADHD) and adaptive skills. Please pages on Psychological Testing for more information. 
(d) Parent Training. At the moment, this is only for parents of children with autism. Please see this page.