M-Chat-R/F Screening

Target Group: 16 to 30 months

About M-CHAT-R/F: The Modified Checklist for Autism in Toddlers, Revised with Follow-Up (M-CHAT-R/F; Robins, Fein, & Barton, 2009) is a 2-stage parent-report autism screening tool to assess risk Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) among 16 to 30 month old toddlers.

Procedure: This is a 2-stage tool autism screening tool.  You can take the first stage online here. The second stage is as follows:

  • LOW-RISK: Total Score is 0-2; if your child is younger than 24 months, screen again after second birthday. Please note, even if  your child scores in the low risk range but as parents you have concerns, you should consult your paediatrician or a specialist or talk to us.
  • MEDIUM-RISK: Total Score is 3-7;  if your child scores in moderate risk range, you need to complete the Follow-Up by contacting either your paediatrician or Lazarus Centre or another professional with expertise in developmental disorders.
  • HIGH-RISK: Total Score is 8-20; It is acceptable to bypass the Follow-Up and refer your child immediately for diagnostic evaluation and eligibility evaluation for early intervention

 Aims: The M-CHAT-R/F aims to detect as many cases of ASD as possible. Therefore, there could be a high false rate. This means users who score “at risk” under the M-CHAT-R/F may not be eventually diagnosed to be on the spectrum. To improve on this initial screen, the authors have developed the Follow-Up Questions (M-CHAT-R/F).

However even with this, children who are flagged again to be at risk, may not be ultimately be diagnosed with ASD though they remain at risk for other developmental disorders or delays. In any case, further consultation with medical or related professionals is suggested when a child screens positive.   The M-CHAT-R/F can be administered and scored as part of a well-child check-up, and also can be used by specialists or other professionals to screen for developmental delay and autism.

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M-CHAT-R/F is copyright © 2009 Diana Robins, Deborah Fein, & Marianne Barton

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