Frequently Asked Questions

Autism is a neurological disorder that affects brain development. Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders often struggle in areas of social, communication, language, cognition and self-help skills.

Delayed speech, poor communication, poor social interactions, poor eye contact, and repetitive behaviors are often seen individuals with ASD.

We suggest your first step should be screening. Why not try our online tool? If you want a formal diagnosis, you need to visit NUH or KK Kids. However they usually prefer to wait till your child is three years and older. In addition, they are likely to suggest that you try intervention first, to see if improvements can be made.

Early intervention refers to intensive theraphy provided to the child between the ages of 0 and 6.

Early intervention focuses on the building or strengthening of skills across different domains including but not limited to social skills, language and communication skills, cognition, gross and fine motor skills, and self-help skills.

ABA therapy is the only intervention scientifically proven to be effective as an intervention for ASD. It has worked. The landmark experiment in 1987 showed that 48% of kids who underwent 40 hours of ABA over 2 years were no different from their “normal” peers in terms of IQ. The results have inspired many others to use this.

Yes you can use your Baby Bonus for therapy. We need a report from your doctor.

The first session is free and for us to answer all your questions. If you would like to take the next step, we will set the schedule and begin the assessment and intervention planning phase. Of course, this is broken up into a few sessions. Next, we discuss the results with your family and share our thoughts in terms of goals and hours. We gather your feedback. Finally, a plan is produced for the next six months. We start the actual therapy with a few hours before increasing it to the actual plan. Do read more on this.

We are unable to allow parents to sit with the child during the sessions. However, we can take pictures or videos upon request.

All communication is done via the WhatsApp chat group.