Lazarus Autism Checklist

Target Group: 31 to 48 months

About Lazarus Autism Checklist:  Parents are sometimes unsure about Autism signs and symptoms. We have thus developed a general screen to help clarify these concerns. This is meant for children who are too old for M-Chat-R/F. It is based on key criterions in DSM-5.

Aims: While there are many autism signs and symptoms,  not all are eventually representative of implying Autism. Hence why we have generally grouped them into “Areas of Concern” and “Encouraging Signs”.

Using the Checklist: Please answer the question as accurately as possible. As a guide, consider if the activity has taken place several times, rather than just once. For each question, we provide a detailed answer. Parents can then discuss these findings further with their medical and educational professionals such as doctors, psychologists, special needs teachers and therapists.

Caution: Please do note that this not a diagnosis but a screen. As such some of the “Areas of Concerns” may not be representative of Autism diagnosis eventually.

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