seeing eye-to-eye

Seeing Eye to Eye

Some kids don’t look at you in the eye. What can a parent do? We talk to Choon Keat, our resident Psychologist, for some ideas.

Kumar: Why is eye contact important?

CK: Eye contacts are an essential part of communication as it signifies attention and actively listening. It also represents a level of awareness of the child during communication, an important element in a quality social exchange.

Kumar: What can I do on a daily basis?  

 CK: Lets say your child is asking for something, say chips. So you hold up the packet next to you face. You ask, what do you want? She looks into your eyes. Then you give her the chips.

Kumar: What happens if she look somewhere else?

CK: You try to guide her “Look here…look at this ”  

Kumar: Any other tips? 

Ck: Get to your child’s eye level. Its easier for your child to look at you that way.  Praise the child when she makes eye contact.  

Kumar: What mistakes to avoid?

CK: When responding to them, pay attention. Look at them. Don’t play with your phone.  Modelling is an important way of learning for children

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