Lazarus School Readiness Program (SRP)

Days: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu

Price: $800 to $1400 (subsidies available)

Call: 91764837/93298816

At Lazarus, we understand that the decision to enroll your child with autism in school can be difficult. It is natural for parents to feel the pressure to make this decision when their child reaches school-going age. However, we’ve seen first-hand how some children with autism struggle in school when they’re not adequately prepared. This can cause immense stress for both the parent and the child.

Our school readiness program is here to support you and your child in getting ready for school. We believe that a strong foundation in school readiness skills is essential for a successful school experience. Our program is designed to address the unique needs and challenges of each child.

We use scientifically-based practices to help your child develop the skills they need for school. From following group instructions to social and emotional development, we provide a supportive and inclusive environment for your child to grow through play-based activities, structured routines, and social interactions.

We understand the stress that parents of children with autism face, and our School Readiness Program aims to alleviate that stress. We work closely with parents, providing regular feedback, progress reports, and support to ensure a consistent approach at home. We believe in a collaborative effort between parents, educators, and therapists to best support your child’s school readiness.

Enrolling your child in our School Readiness Program can make a meaningful difference in their school experience and overall well-being. We are committed to providing a realistic, compassionate, and effective program that prepares children with autism for school success.

Join us; Let’s work together to ensure your child’s school readiness.