Lazarus Autism Services

What is our main program?

Type: ABA Early Intensive Intervention

Age: 18 months to pre-primary (7-years of age)


  • 4-hours weekly for $1475 per month.
  • 6-hours weekly for $2300 per month 
  • 10-hours weekly for $3600 per month
  • 15-hours weekly for $5400 per month

Who is it suitable for?

  • Children identified to be at risk for ASD by KKH or NUH CDU or developmental pediatricians or registered psychologists.
  • Non-verbal children (especially no pointing to communicate) or impaired communication
  • Children with difficulties in social interactions (e.g,, not playing with peers)
  • Repetitive behavior (e.g., hand flapping) and or restricted interests (e.g., obsession with only a particular toy)  
Where do we provide this service? 
  • Centre based 
  • Home sessions are possible on a case by case basis
  • No online service is possible 

What other service do we provide?

Service: General Consultation for autism related problems 

Age: All ages 

Fee: $120 per hour 

Location: First meeting is at our centre, subsequent ones over zoom or even home based 

What are issues that we help with?

  • Helping parents manage tantrums, related challenging behaviors
  • Developing a home program for parents/Caregiver Training 
  • Toilet Training (Case Example: Despite school efforts, still in diapers; we implemented dense schedule)
  • Misbehavior in school (Case Example:  
  • Sleep difficulties. (Case Example: Irregular hours, we implemented sleep hygiene).   
  • Self-injurious behaviors. (Case Example: Inflicting personal injuries, we worked with medical options and behavior strategies)
  • Planning across life-span; schooling options and post-schooling options (