Dyslexia Test

Introduction: Dyslexia is a learning disability where you experience challenges with reading and spelling. Individuals with dyslexia fall into a broad category known as Specific Learning Difference (SLD) which can also include issues with writing (Dysgraphia) and Math (Dyscalculia). 

Aim: Dyslexia symptoms can sometimes be difficult to recognise within your children and even adults. Thus, we have developed a general questionnaire to help identify these signs. 

This is not meant to be an all-encompassing diagnostic assessment. It is a general categorisation of possible risk factors that may be used for further evaluation purposes only. 

Parents can use these findings for possible advice, diagnosis or treatment with medical and educational professionals to get a thorough medical advice diagnosis. 

The checklist: Please answer the question as accurately as possible. Please note that the assessment is not an exhaustive list, nor is it a diagnostic or screening tool. These are commonly reported challenges faced by individuals with SLD.

As a guide, consider if the activity has taken place several times, rather than just once. For each question, we provide a detailed answer.

Please answer the questions as accurately as possible to the best of your knowledge. You can base your responses on your observation, teacher’s report, or both. Try to consider each item as the general behaviors, struggles, strengths and weaknesses of your child.

Scoring: There are 10 questions of which you can score 0 to 10. Each point represents one risk factor. For example, if you score 5, it means there are 5 possible risk factors.

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Here at Lazarus Centre, we provide treatments for dyslexia inspired by Davis dyslexia association international for people with dyslexia to foster a better understanding of reading, writing, spelling and mathematics. If you would like to read more about our treatments, click here. 

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