Dyslexia and Adults

About Adults with Dyslexia

You may have dyslexia if you struggle with the following:

  • Difficulties in pronouncing words
  • Not confident in reading; you may use voice function in messages
  • You hate to read aloud
  • Worry about speaking to strangers because your spoken English is not good enough
  • Spelling is hard; you rely on spell check
  • Writing emails is a major headache
  • Challenge with numbers; hard to calculate time, bills, units,

Challenge in Singapore

Many adults with dyslexia are worried about getting help. They believe its “their own fault” for not studying harder (not true). They fear social stigma. They feel they are too old. As a result, many do not wish to get help.

How can we help?

(1) Assessment. If you always wondered if you had dyslexia but are unsure and would like to find out, a test might be helpful.  For some, this provides relief after years of struggle. It helps them realize their problems are not due to laziness or not working hard enough.  Assessment fee ranges between $300 and $800.

(2) Therapy. Just as adults go for yoga or baking class, you can think of this as a reading class. We offer personalized ($80 per hour) or group session ($40 per hour). The session will cover phonics and reading. Sessions will be held in the office but mainly online as the course progress.

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