Early Intervention: This is the most common program for children below 6 years of age. We assess the child with the ABLLS-R or VB-MAPP assessment tool. We then design an intervention plan, typically known as an Individualised Education Plan or IEP. This is reviewed every 6 months. ABA Therapy is delivered on a one-on-one basis with regular interactions with larger group.
Social Skills:  We screen children for suitability for new and available groups. As skills vary among children, we have to ensure that the children are matched appropriately for the group to be effective. This is a focused group aimed at addressing school readiness, social interactions and group participation. Group size will be 4 children to 2 therapists. Parents can opt for weekly sessions or twice weekly sessions, each comprising an hour.
Parent Playgroup:  An introductory program designed to teach parents how to interact with and engage their child.  Ratio is 1 to 2 therapists to 4 parents-child pairs. Parents must accompany their child for every session.
Consultation: This is a general consultation to discuss child specific issues such as behaviour management. For children up to aged 12.
Corporate Training: For organisations needing help with special needs. This can be a short training course to equip professionals with additional skills. It can also involve a longer-term staff training, consultants to cases and continued support during the training period.


Areas Examples
Communication Skillscommunication Speaking and Communicating with Others
Cocognitivegnitive Skills Numeracy and Literacy
Ssocialocial Skills Play and Interaction with Others
Gross and Fine Motor Skillsactive Gross: Physical activities involving major body parts (Jumping)
Fine: Use of smaller body parts like fingers (drawing)
dressDaily Living and Self Help Skills Eating, Dressing, Wearing Socks & Shoes, Toilet Training