Summary of Services

We summarise the details of Autism testing, screening and assessment below.

 Table 1: General Summary


  • You can refer to the links for more details on these 2 screening tools.


  • Only qualified professionals can administer this standardized observational test. It looks at communication, social interaction, play and restrictive behavior. The results are used to classify levels of ASD. The test has five modules, each having different activities for children 12 months and older. The child is evaluated using 1 to 2 modules depending on his expressive language level and chronological age. It can be used in treatment planning and evaluation.


  • Therapists use this assessment to measure and track a child’s overall functioning across 25 skill areas. The areas include language, social interaction, self-help, academic and motor skills. Used for treatment planning and evaluation. While this is not a standardized tool, the assessment can be updated to reflect your child’s progress over time.



  • Therapists use this criterion referenced assessment to look at language skills of children up to 4 years old. There are 3 developmental levels: 0-18 months (level 1), 18-30 months (level 2), 30-48 months (level 3). This is used in treatment planning and evaluation. Also looks at the child’s overall presentation and issues that could affect learning or progress. This assessment can help identify if  your child is ready for school & ideal setting for your child.